Laws passed by our legislators effect our lives at home and at work. The IAM helps to protect workers rights through lobbying and educating our members.

Unions Take The Hill

Last month delegates attending the Florida State Council of Machinists (FSCM) ascended on the Florida State Capital in Tallahassee.

They were joined by other unions from across the state forming the Working Families Lobby Core.

Several anti labor bills were making their way through committees and onto the House floor during the week long visit. On of the major bills was House Bill 25 (HB25). This bill would allow the state to decertify public sector unions if their union member density dropped below 50%. This would require the union to do a recertification election, basically start over as an organizing drive.

John Gall and Brent Bonar representing Local Lodge 971 made up the IAM delegates of 35 Machinists Union members from across the state.

Check Out The Video At The Florida AFL-CIO

John Gall & Brent Bonar meet with Senator Campbell.

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